Did you know that Quest is a non-profit?

This means that Quest doesn’t charge for the many vital services they provide the community. It also means that these services are available ONLY because of regular contributions of time and money from people like you! Take a look at three ways you can help:


It takes all kinds of talents to run a growing enterprise like Quest.

You may not think you have anything to offer, but check out this form to see a list of ways you can help Quest.


The fastest and easiest  way to help Quest is by donating.

Your donation can be used to sponsor a student, contribute to a scholarship, pay the rent, and more! (see below)


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Why should I donate my time/money?

Quest is more than just a learning center that provides supportive education courses to the students of Tucson. Quest is a ministry. Our focus is not only on the basic education of our children, but also their emotional and social development. That is why Quest also offers a wide-range of extra-curricular activities such as dances, festivals, and fun monthly contests; as well as opportunities to volunteer in the community, to share and develop their talents in various clubs, and to meet with Quest employees and peers for guidance and prayer. Additionally, Quest provides services for parents, alumni, and other adults in the community; including seminars about parent-directed learning, college transition help, monthly social meetings for fellowship, family events, and a prayer group.

How much should I give?

Anything helps, but nothing is expected. A basic $10 per week per student is a lovely donation — $25 per student per week would allow Quest to be fully funded for the whole year! It is important for Quest to get funding during the academic year as it is vital to our summer preparation for the next academic year. See the next section to see how each cent is spent!

How are my donations used?

During an average academic month in 2017, 4 cents of every dollar given to Quest went to supplies and expenses, 11 cents went towards paying rent, and the remaining 85 cents went to the instructors and staff.

During that time, Quest’s expenses averaged $24,892 each month. The donations received for those months averaged $26,669. Profits made were then used by Quest during the summer months to keep the doors open for the other ministry programs run by Quest. 

Overall, our income consist of:

  • 70% donor funding
  • 15% fundraising efforts
  • 1% grants 
  • and special gifts from sponsors

What are Quest’s plans for the future?

Here is Quest’s Vision for the Future: 

  • A beautiful sanctuary to be used as a church — weddings, memorials, graduations, and other events can be held here.
  • An incubator for young entrepreneurs to begin a new business.
  • A set of classrooms that will be home to Quest for Education and Arts but will also be available to other homeschool groups to utilize.
  • A performing arts center containing a theater, 2 dance studios, visual arts classrooms and a pottery studio, an orchestra and choral rehearsal room, at least 7 music studios for private lessons, and 2 larger practice rooms for ensembles and chamber performances.
  • A store to support the center.
  • An office area.
  • An indoor/outdoor cafe with a professional kitchen for preparation of food for the cafe and events that are held there.
  • Fully staffed science research labs for middle, high school, and college students to pursue research in a Christ centered environment. Classrooms will be contained in this area to encourage hands on teaching of science.
  • A child activity center containing different areas for preschool, elementary, and a hang out for teens. This will include a wading pool and splash pad as well as an area for for buildings and creative exploration. We envision this as having many playhouses from different countries.
  • There will be a greenhouse and community gardents. Farmers Markets will be run on the property and fresh food will be donated to the food banks.
  • There will be sports fields for soccer and baseball, tennis courts, and a swimming pool to support Christian sports teams. There will be a club house for education and meetings such as fellowship of Christian athletes and others.

We really cannot do this without you.

Please considering donating today!


Physical Address
Christina Green Education Building

7570 N Paseo Del Nor

Tucson, AZ 85704

Mailing Address
1751 W. Placita de Zacatal
Tucson, AZ 85704

(520) 818-8064
Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm