Philanthropist Consultant


The PHILANTHROPIST CONSULTANT is charged with exploring, securing, and managing strong strategic alliances, partnerships and mutually beneficial donor relationships for Quest for Education and Arts. The Philanthropist Consultant will play a key role in identifying potential funding sources for the organization’s activities and programs in support of the mission. This position will be instrumental in forming creative partnerships with potential donors to develop and grow the organization while aligning with the mission and vision and working to redevelop the organizational culture.


  • Define philanthropy targets, objectives, and potential value as it relates to the organization.
  • Solicit and request support from businesses, corporations and individuals explaining why and how the funds raised will be used.
  • Track, manage and document engagement activities working to link services and program opportunities with the needs of potential clients.
  • Determine trends and emerging thinking in the donor community to identify possible sources of funding.
  • Ensure coordination of efforts through documentation of contacts, opportunities, and meetings as needed.
  • Meet with existing and potential donors to develop solid and long-term relationships.
  • Create and implement a fund development plan, complete prospect research, incorporating individual, foundation, grant, and corporate prospects, in collaboration with the Business Development Consultant and CEO.
  • Strong focus on cultivating new donor relationships in an effort to boost funding and acquire new internal and external donor relationships.
  • Develop accurate benchmarks to guide projections for donation efforts.
  • Work alongside the executive team to define the pitch used in investor meetings and client communication; practice the pitch with the leadership, staff, and clientele creating unified communication; help the staffing team preempt investor questions.
  • Pressure test every aspect of the client’s business ahead of fund related communication meetings.
  • Develop concepts, proposals or other materials needed as part of philanthropic efforts.
  • Collaborate with the Consultant and Executive Team to ensure goals and forward movement.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Finance, operations, research, statistics, math, economics, business or related analytical discipline preferred.
  • Experience planning, forecasting and analyzing financial information preferred.
  • Microsoft Office Suite including Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • A natural curiosity and “big picture” mentality; Innovative “out-of-the-box” thinker.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
  • Must display a high level of professionalism and be a committed team player.
  • Sales or philanthropy experience a plus; ability to ask for and solicit donations.
  • Passion for education and the mission of Quest.

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