Business Development Consultant


The BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT is charged with exploring, securing, and managing strong strategic alliances, partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with business, corporations, and non-profits for Quest for Education and Arts. The Business Development Consultant will identify and improve potential challenges and opportunities in the organization through analysis and research of current methods and policy. This position will be instrumental in forming creative partnerships with corporations and local businesses to develop and grow the organization while developing strategic planning and problem solving.


  • Analyze company’s business practices; Conduct research in regard to how the organization can improve in its offerings and platforms.
  • Develop new business models; Prepare recommendations based on research to propel mission forward; Analyze prevalent community conditions for organization and clients.
  • Prepare presentations for potential clients; Initiate strategies and plans for the organization to maximize its cash flow and incoming funds in conjunction with the Philanthropy Consultant.
  • Suggest and establish new business structure and practices along with additional innovative programming. Implement and expand current organizational goals.
  • Develop business plan; Design and develop strategic alliances with outside community and potential clients. 
  • Provide assistance with implementing suggested plans and strategies; Oversee and examine new strategy progress and development.
  • Conduct complex analysis in order to find new market programming, marketing, and opportunities; Investigate existing products and programs comparing with competitors.
  • Develop relationships with other non-profits in the local and state-wide community; Oversee the implementation of various contracts and partnerships.
  • Research potential funding sources; Meet with corporate, business, and state or local leaders to establish partnerships in the interest of the organization’s students and clients.
  • Build, encourage and maintain long-term relationships with key participants, corporations and businesses.
  • Collaborate closely with CEO and Philanthropy Consultant to propel the organization forward and recreate the culture of Quest.
  • Partner with executive management team to assess and improve current business processes; Establish methods for testing business applications and create templates for reports used to monitor application effectiveness.


  • Bachelor’s degree. Operations, Business or related discipline preferred.
  • Experience in planning, procedure, policy and legal knowledge in relation to business world. Corporate or business experience preferred.
  • Strong technology skills including Microsoft Office Suite, web design, and database a must
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills; Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work in high pressure situations while maintaining creative and innovative solutions
  • Must display a high level of professionalism as well as be a committed team player
  • Independent self-starter able to meet deadlines with attention to detail.
  • Passion for education and the mission of Quest

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